Crestron Home KNX extension

Crestron Home support for KNX via TIG KNX Extension

With Crestron Home you can create the smart home your clients may never want to leave. From lights and shades to climate devices and more, with the TIG KNX extension you can integrate KNX with Crestron Home.

The result? A simple set-up and configuration experience that connects your entire smart home solution into the Crestron Home user experience, providing the same user experience across all devices.

To get your KNX devices working instantly and seamlessly together within the Crestron Home Operating System, simply load the TIG KNX extension driver into the Crestron Home system, configure and set-up via the Crestron Home set-up app.

You can even test and configure live as part of the simple set-up process

How KNX integration works

Watch a recording of our webinar to see the integration of the TIG KNX extension in action via a demo by Steven Dullaert – Crestron Sales Director EMEA and Andre Goltara – Crestron Residential Sales Engineer.

Learn how KNX integration works, what it could mean for your business and how it can help your customers.

Key features of the TIG KNX extension

  • Works with the Crestron CI-KNX IP interface
  • Offers unlimited number of group addresses
  • Supports events and actions
  • Allows for custom UI configuration within the Crestron Home tile set-up
  • Easy backup and recovery
  • Modules: Supported object types: 1-bit, 4-bit, 1-byte 0-255, 1-byte 0-100% and 2-byte
  • Supports simple single, double and triple button layouts, sliders, raise and lower, thermostat, toggles and many more

System requirements

  • Crestron MC4-R or CP4-R processor
  • Crestron CI-KNX
  • Crestron Home TIG KNX Driver extension
  • One-time simple configuration in the Crestron Home Set-up App


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